Government & Taxes

Gaston County is the third largest county in the Charlotte region with a population of 210,000. There are fifteen incorporated cities/towns in the county and several unincorporated communities. Gastonia is the County Seat and the largest City.  View a complete list of Gaston County municipalities.

Gaston County Property Taxes

Gaston County property taxes are per $100 valuation plus a small fire district tax. If a property lies within the corporate limits of any municipality, additional municipal taxes are charged. A complete list of taxes for the current year. Gaston County sets the property tax rate each July with the adoption of its budget. This tax rate remains in effect until set at the next budget year. The tax is based on the value of real and personal property owned in Gaston County. Personal property equipment is listed each year and a value assigned to the asset. It is then depreciated according to the schedule established by the North Carolina Department of Revenue. Real property is assessed by law every eight years. This valuation remains until revalued at an interval no less than every eight years. Property tax rate for the municipalities are determined on the same basis. Gaston County collects the taxes on behalf of the municipalities, administers all tax value appeals, collection and administration.

North Carolina Taxes

Visit the NC Department of Revenue for complete information on North Carolina taxes.