The Advantages of Using Shovel Ready Sites

Published Monday, February 11, 2013
by MMiller

In today?s business world, being able to quickly take advantage of new opportunities is a vital part of any successful business plan.

Because of this, shovel ready sites are becoming increasingly attractive to businesses that are seeking to expand into new areas. Gaston County NC offers over 400 acres of shovel ready sites available in three different park settings.

The Benefits of Shovel Ready Sites

Shovel ready sites are designed to allow for immediate construction by the purchasing company. Because of this, these sites are characterized by the following attributes:

  • All legal requirements for construction have been completed, including ensuring compliance with zoning laws, environmental studies and any site remediation requirements. In addition, shovel ready sites have had all required public infrastructure components added to the site.
  • Shovel ready sites are owned by a third party that can make the sale and transfer of the property a simple process.
  • These sites are fully described before purchase, making it easy for the business to determine what parcels they will have to purchase in order to fulfill their current and future needs.

Gaston County Shovel Ready Sites

There are a number of Gaston County available sites that are suitable for businesses that are interested in expanding their operations. These sites are ideal for a wide range of business sizes and types. When considering expanding into Gaston County available sites, the following areas can provide excellent shovel ready sites that are suitable for immediate construction.

Gastonia Technology Park

This business technology park can provide a wide variety of opportunities to high technology manufacturing businesses. With over 80 acres of shovel ready sites, this business park provides abundant room for those companies desiring flexible expansion options.

SouthRidge Business Park

With over 35 acres of shovel ready sites, the SouthRidge Business Park has a total area of 425 acres and is excellent for those businesses in the distribution or manufacturing fields that are seeking a site that is suited to their needs. In addition, the park?s landscaping makes it an ideal site for companies seeking to establish themselves in an attractive and business friendly region.

Summit at Court Drive

The Summit at Court Drive is focused on providing excellent facilities for office and medical industries. The site?s close proximity to Gaston Memorial Hospital, in addition to other office, business and hotel facilities makes it an excellent choice for businesses focusing on the medical or office sector. With 14 acres of shovel ready sites ready for immediate expansion, this business park provides an ideal opportunity for established and new businesses alike.

Shovel ready sites represent a unique opportunity for today?s business environment. For those businesses that are seeking flexible and cost effective expansion opportunities, making use of Gaston County shovel ready sites is an excellent choice.

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