Gaston County Education Opportunities

Published Monday, July 1, 2013
by MMiller

Gaston County NC has a population of approximately 206,806. The state of North Carolina has a reputation to hold up when it comes to education.

Therefore each resident and surrounding residents has the opportunity to enjoy nationally-ranked public schools, institutions of higher education, unlimited training resources and a future workforce of capable, local graduates.

Among the education systems in Gaston County include Gaston College and Belmont Abbey College.


Gaston College has served the County for many a year, considering that its first classes were held in September 1964. During each term, 5000 students enroll in each term and the Continuing Education Programs is averaging more than 16,000 students annually.

The College itself contains three campuses and the main campus is situated in Dallas that stretches 450,686 square feet. Gaston College offers several different programs in different fields including Liberal Arts and Sciences, Health Education and Engineering. Also, business related courses and IT courses are available. Another division deals with the demands of emergency services in today?s world- Economic and Workforce Development.

The Health Education provides opportunities for students to enter nursing programs, cosmetology programs and medical assisting programs amongst others. The Engineering and Industrial Technologies divisions allow students to prepare for majors in civil, electronic industrial, computer and mechanical engineering technology. The Economic and Workforce Development Division help train paramedics, firefighters as well as police officers.

The programs of the Business Information Technology divisions are accredited by ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs). The Liberal Arts and Science Divisions provide the path for students to enroll into a four year institution. Those who graduate with their associate degrees can enroll into junior year of a private or public four year institution into majors spanning from pre law to pre med.

One such four year institution for liberal arts in Gaston County is the Belmont Abbey College. This college obviously has affiliations with the Roman Catholic Church. However, despite its relationship to the Church, the college welcomes students from many other backgrounds and many other beliefs with open arms.

Belmont Abbey College offers athletic scholarships to incoming students. Aside from sport, theater is also ingrained into the culture of this University. The University of course has a long and distinguished history; it was founded in 1876 by Benedictine monks.

Gaston County therefore has opportunities for all types of students. It offers excellent associate programs as well as four year programs. There are many windows of opportunity for those in Gaston County who want to further their education. Learn more by visiting education in Gaston County and have the opportunity to gather more information about the educational offerings throughout this beautiful county.

For addition information, contact Gaston County EDC office at 704-825-4046.


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