Tips for Choosing Your Business Location

Published Sunday, January 20, 2013
by MMiller

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It is often been said that where a business is located will have a major impact on its success. Despite the fact that this saying is often repeated, many people fail to take it seriously. In addition, many people misinterpret the statement; they think that the statement is saying that premium dollars should be paid for particular locations, but there is actually significantly more nuance behind this argument.

Here are a few tips on choosing your business location.


What Type of Business Location?

Different businesses have different needs. Restaurants, for example, are best located in a downtown area or in another hip part of town. Likewise, retailers want to be located in areas with other retail businesses. Those who run construction companies, on the other hand, will want to prioritize space over operating in a high-traffic area. That said, those in all businesses will want to be accessible to larger metropolitan areas.

Gaston County is ranked in the Top 10 in size among North Carolina Counties with a population of 206,086 and projected to reach 220,250 by 2015. Based on the 2010 data obtained from Employment Security Commission, Services (30.4%) and Manufacturing (16.9%) are the top employment with Retail (14.2) and Construction (4.2) following.

Reaseach the Community

When searching for the perfect business location, take time and investigate the community. This includes reading local newspapers, viewing news and events, visiting the local library gathering information and history of the area. These are great resources that may help determine if a location is best for a business. If available, speak to local residents and ask questions regarding businesses, schools, community activities, and other topics you find to be important in your decision.

Sites and Buildings

Many businesses will need to strike the right compromise between access to large populations and space. Some businesses can operate in small buildings; others, however, will need a considerable amount of space to operate successfully. Gaston County EDC provides over 400 acres of shovel ready parks and additional business parks including Kings Mountain Corporate Center and Oaks Commerce Center.

One of Gaston County?s advantages over other neighboring counties is the access to the variety of transportation for businesses. Three of North Carolina?s five highways are easily accessible which allows businesses to take advantage of easy transportation into the Charlotte area and Charlotte?s international airport.

In addition to the above tips, the Gaston EDC is an excellent source for community information. Contact an experience economic development member today and learn more about Gaston County and the opportunity to grow your business.

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