PRESS RELEASE: Kindred Rolling Doors to Open in Gastonia

Local Announcement

Published Friday, October 18, 2019

October 18, 2019: The Gaston County Economic Development Commission is pleased to announce that Kindred Rolling Doors plans to establish their plant in Gastonia. Located at 1931 Jordache Court, a 30,000 square foot facility in the Delta Business Park. The total investment is expected to be about $1.5 million and 11 number of new jobs are to be created.

Kindred Rolling Doors will manufacture a line of rolling door products including service doors, insulated service doors and fire doors. The company officials have had a similar presence in Gaston County for over 40 years and desired to re-establish this operation in Gaston County, North Carolina, given their deep history and commitment to Gaston County.


Jim Cookson, President of Kindred Rolling Doors  states; “We moved to Gastonia in 1978 to start our original plant. We grew our business to employ over 120 associates and became the third largest rolling door manufacturer in the United States. We sold our business in 2008 and unfortunately the owners closed the Gastonia plant in 2017. We wanted to start over so we could re-employ the men and women who were displaced when the plant closed and service our loyal customers who would like to purchase doors from a local source. Gastonia and Gaston County have always supported us and we are grateful that we have the opportunity to locate our plant here. The Gaston County Economic Development Commission and particularly Donny Hicks played an instrumental role in locating a building and working with us to secure a North Carolina Building Reuse Grant. Without their assistance we would not have been able to locate our plant in Gaston County. “

“I am excited about Kindred Rolling Doors locating their manufacturing facility in Gastonia. This announcement is greatly appreciated by our citizens” said Gastonia Mayor Walker Reid, III. Adding, “It is especially gratifying that is a start-up small business operation with its original roots in Gastonia! On behalf of my fellow City Council members, I want to thank Mr. Jim Cookson and Mr. Mark Terrio of Kindred Rolling Doors for growing in Gastonia. The City looks forward to providing you with the support needed to make this expansion a success.” Mayor Reid added, “We greatly appreciate your investment in our community.”


Mr. Tracy Philbeck, Chairman of the Gaston County Board of Commissioners said; “This is great news for Gastonia and Gaston County that Kindred Rolling Doors is going to center their operations in Gastonia.” Chairman Philbeck added, “Mr. Cookson and Mr. Terrio – it was the County’s pleasure to sponsor your Building Reuse Grant Application to the North Carolina Department of Commerce. Your commitment to our County is greatly appreciated.”

Mr. Robert Browne, Chairman of the Gaston County Economic Development Commission, stated, "As Chairman of the Gaston County Economic Development Commission, I want to extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Jim Cookson and Mr. Mark Terrio of Kindred Rolling Doors for re-establishing the Gastonia plant. I would like to extend my appreciation to the County EDC’s program supporting local start-ups in business. This enables us to provide and maintain a great business environment.”


The Gaston County Economic Development Commission would like to thank our partners in this successful industry start-up project of Kindred Rolling Doors – the Gaston County Board of Commissioners, the North Carolina Department of Commerce’s Rural Economic Development Division, the City of Gastonia and the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina’s Existing Industry Division.


Mr. Donny Hicks, Executive Director

Gaston County EDC