The Advantages of Gaston County NC

Published Tuesday, May 7, 2019
by MMiller

Looking for a new business location where you can balance work and play? Gaston County NC is the third largest in the Charlotte region and offers tons of amenities.

Gaston County strives to provide exceptional quality of life by continued investments in business and community development.

With only a 30 minute drive from Charlotte Douglas International Airport we offer convenience for all your travel plans, whether business or leisure. Gaston County is also conveniently located to Highway 321 and Interstate 85 so your business can ship easily and quickly through the largest state maintained highway system.

The county offers big city amenities close by with small town charm. Communities in the area offer urban developed locations or the comfort of living in a rural setting. If you want to enjoy a night on the town with fine dining or visit an exciting night club, Charlotte is a short half hour away. If you want a little longer trip you can be in the Smoky Mountains within four hours enjoying the great outdoors, or you can visit some of the great sites in Charleston, South Carolina.

Working in the Gaston County area is exceptional too with plenty of manufacturing jobs in aviation, technical fields, the automotive industry and chemicals. This is a great area to enjoy work, play and raise a family.

Many of the largest companies in the world have invested their time and resources into Gaston County with jobs from their manufacturing plants. Companies like Dole Foods, Bridgestone Tires and Hunter Douglas are just a few of the big companies that have put their roots into the fabulous Gaston County area.

Gaston County prides itself on supplying the area and the country with a skilled and educated workforce. The local college has teamed with UNC out of Charlotte, along with other universities, to offer a wide range of training for students and employees at a low cost so they can receive the training they need to work up the ladder in their chosen career. They are proud of being able to build a strong work force and a strong community atmosphere in the area.

Gaston County is one of the best places in the country to settle down and raise a family. It offers a wide variety of family fun, plenty of educational and career opportunities with close proximity to big cities, and fabulous outdoor and nature areas for the family to spend on weekends.

Need More Information? Contact the Gaston County EDC office at 704-825-4046.

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